The sound of a frustrated banker screaming out of his suit... these songs were written on the road travelling across Canada in trains, planes and automobiles and in the basement of 23 Lincoln Ave with my best friends...  

02 Aug 06

  • Official Release (online and physical release)
  • 3 x #1's on KIAC in the US
  • Cross Canada exposure on FM radio
  • Live TV performances on CTV Halifax
  • Toured Canada and US '07 '08
  • Might be out of debt from this album (Nov '16) ???

30 Nov 16

  • Official Release (Web only)
  • Recorded RS Sounds
  • Produced by Randy Solski

evils of the modern pleasure dance - debut album 2006

Peeler - Evils of the Modern Pleasue Dance on iTunes

In 2016 I was honoured with the opportunity to contribute music to the new series 'Slasher' created by friend and fellow Brantford Boy Aaron Martin .

Originally the composer for the series reached out after selecting a few of the songs from the 'Peeler' album to use in various scenes as background music - what a thrill!  

A few weeks later, Aaron and Shawn approached Peeler to compose a song that would be featured in a scene in the Season 1 Finale.  It was my first time writing to a scene / timing to video and it was not only a huge thrill but an honour to be part of something like this.  Quite exciting to see a scene brought to life and my music as a contributing factor.

 Slasher Season 2 is in production and will feature more of Peeler's music  - if you haven't seen Season 1 yet - you really should check it out - its a great series!!!

10 years in the making.  Took my time, workshopped the songs and brought them to life when I felt they were ready...  or as close to it as dammit is to swearing...  listen for yourself and let me know what you think.  Big thanks to Randy Solski @ RS Sounds for engineering and producing!



Peeler on Spotify

slasher - tv series 2016

'Peeler' - New Album 2016

Peeler on Apple Music

Peeler - Peeler on Spotify
P  E  E  L  E  R
Peeler - Peeler on Apple Music

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